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 Health Management Solutions


Gordon Data Processing develops cost containment health management solutions  for corporate & governmental markets.


     Corporate Overview    
Gordon Data Processing, a subsidiary of H. G. Enterprises, is a U.S. based healthcare cost containment company. We develop unique and novel cost containment healthcare products & services for commercialization. Our products & services target companies & governments who seek to manage escalating healthcare cost payouts.  Our overall goal is to assist clients with the development, implementation, and monitoring of effective healthcare cost containment measures.

We act as an interface between health insurance carriers and employers, convert carrier-supplied raw data into usable form, and relate the data to normative guidelines. 

Our health care cost-management solutions aims to meet the following criteria:

  • Either reduce benefit costs or reduce the rate of increase
  • Produce measurable results for evaluation of actual and comparative impact
  • Maintain satisfactory employee relations
  • Meet legal requirements.
  • Satisfy business objectives – financial and human resources.
Our team of experts are highly skilled in the healthcare and health insurance industries and has the technical skills and knowledge to conduct the analytical process in this highly complex area.


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